Glass Bowls

Glass bowls are usually made of high borosilicate glass. This is a special glass material. It has a low expansion rate, high-temperature resistance, high strength, hardness, high light transmittance, and high chemical stability. It has no toxic or side effects, is fire-resistant, water-resistant, and has excellent acid and alkali resistance.

Our glass bowls are available in various styles and in sufficient quantities. Take practicality, aesthetics, health, and safety into comprehensive consideration. These safe glass bowls undergo various processing techniques to offer even more possibilities. We provide wholesale and customized services. If you have any needs, contact us.

Glass Bowls In Bulk

  • Yafu Glass Manufacturer offers bulk glass bowls at wholesale prices, saving you money and lowering your manufacturing expenses.
  • We provide fast shipping and safe shipping services. Your goods will be delivered promptly and safely. Therefore, you can choose the Yafu manufacturing factory with confidence.
  • Our quality glass bowls are available in a variety of styles. They have different appearances and different styles, and each has its charm.
  • At the same time, we accept customized services. Suppose our existing products don’t quite meet your requirements. We can provide customized size, appearance, color, logo design, and other services.
Glass Bowls

Why Use Glass Material

Stable Performance

The Glass can be used in heating appliances such as microwaves and ovens. It can tolerate hot and cold environments without worrying about explosion accidents. And they never lose shape.

Safety Materials

There are no harmful substances in the glass. Food can be served with confidence. Even if heated at high temperatures, there is no need to worry about chemicals being produced.


It will not produce scratches after long-term use and can be used repeatedly. The smooth surface is easy to clean and beautiful.

No Odor Residue

Food odors and colors will never remain on tableware made of glass. At the same time, they are also easy to clean safer, and more hygienic.

Exquisite Appearance

The fully transparent Glass Bowls make it easy to identify the contents inside. The exquisitely designed bowl is beautiful and convenient for storage in the refrigerator.

Dessert Bowls

Glass dessert bowls are made from high-quality glass. Food-grade materials are healthy and safe, you can use them with confidence. You can wash Glass Bowls in the dishwasher, they are heat and cold-resistant, easy to clean, and maintain for years. These glass bowls are convenient and cute for everyday use. You can put your favorite desserts in the bowl, and the beautiful appearance can set off the wonderful desserts, adding flavor and fun.

The 150ml Glass Ice Cream Bowls are glass dessert bowls with a classic design. The crystal clear glass bowls references floral designs and is crafted into an elegant and charming rim. This small bowl features an embossed design that is noble and elegant. The base of this footed ice cream dish is thick, weighted, and sturdy, designed to provide stability and prevent tipping.

Ice Cream Bowl Set Glass

Clear Salad Bowls

Glass salad bowl made from borosilicate, there’s no need to worry about health-damaging substances leaching into your food. The clear glass salad bowl can fully display the freshness of vegetables and fruits. They come in a variety of sizes to suit all your needs. Safe glass bowls go well with healthy ingredients. They are durable and easy to clean, making them the best addition to your daily kitchen routine.

The biggest feature of The 2100ml Glass Clear Salad Bowls is their simplicity and practicality. Its glass material allows you to observe the changes in your food while cooking more clearly. Large-capacity glass bowls are versatile and fit your every need. Now that you have these bowls, you don’t have to worry about cabinet space, they can be nested and stacked. They can also be heated or frozen and are a must-have in your kitchen.

Glass Salad

Glass Bowl With A Lid

The Glass Salad Bowl With Lid is a transparent bowl made of borosilicate with a glass lid made of the same material. The glass bowl with a lid enhances the practicality of our product. It has the advantages of an ordinary glass bowl, but the added lid makes it more convenient. This bowl can preserve food while observing its condition and serve as an auxiliary container when eating. Sturdy and stylish glass bowls are high quality and safe to suit your every need.

The 700ml Glass Salad Bowl With Lid is one of our multi-purpose products. The designed wide handle is ergonomic, easy to grip, and prevents burns. This bowl keeps your food in good condition and better showcases your creations. Withstands both high and low temperatures, all dishes come out cooked and delicious. It won’t break when removed from the oven and refrigerator, so it can also be used as a food storage container.

Glass Prep Bowls With Lids

Creative Design Bowls

One of our creative product series, this time featuring a variety of unique and beautiful creative glass bowls. They are exquisite and practical bowls are made of high-quality glass. Premise of ensuring quality and safety, our products have more diverse shapes. Please put it on the dining table as home decoration, bringing fashion and beauty to life. They are not only a piece of tableware, but also a beautiful decoration.

The 1000ml Decorative Crystal Bowl is a popular glass bowl. It is made of food-grade glass and contains no substances harmful to the body. The glass bowl has an irregular shape. It is decorated with gold rims, making it unique and luxurious. The capacity of 1000ml is practical, you can use it to hold various things. The irregular gold edge and hammered texture design make it artistic, elegant, and generous. We also accept your custom size for this bowl.

Glass Bowl With Gold Rim

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