Glass Wine Cups

The stem of a red wine glass or champagne glass effectively isolates the temperature of your hand from the wine, ensuring the mellowness of the wine. Ergonomic cup handles or beer glasses with multiple capacities make drinking more enjoyable. Various styles of whiskey come in various Glass Whiskey Cups to add flavor. As the wine changes, so do the Glass Wine Cups.

The utensils that hold drinks and Glass Wine Cups are made of healthy and safe materials. When people drink from glassware, they don’t have to worry about the chemical reaction between the wine and the cup and the production of harmful substances. The Glass Wine Cups we produce are of various styles, high quality, and affordable. We Will provide you with sincere services.

Glass Wine Cups Special Customization

Glass Wine Cups Size


We offer glass wine bottles from 100-500ml. You are also welcome to order other custom sizes if needed.

Glass Wine Cups Color


We produce healthy and safe transparent cups. If you need other special colors, please contact us

Glass Wine Cups Color


Decorating patterns or text on the surface of the cup is a good choice. We'll take care of your logo design needs.

Glass Wine Cups Shape


Our wine glasses come in a variety of styles and shapes. The biggest change is the whiskey glass. Other shapes can be customized for you.

Glass Whiskey Cups

With the popularity of whiskey, Glass Wine Cups have become an important role in showing the richness and variety of this wine. Glass Whiskey Cups are sometimes engraved, monogrammed, decorated with gemstones, uniquely shaped, or even colored. These beautiful cups come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Pour the wine into a glass, shake it, and sip your favorite whiskey to enjoy the many layers of aroma and flavor.

The 165ml Square Rocks Glasses are a classic whiskey glass. These whiskey glasses are made from high-quality clear lead-free glass, which is given to them by our factory for great transparency and brightness. Excellent transparency keeps the whiskey in optimal condition in the glass. The gorgeous liquid echoes the textured wine glass, giving you a comfortable experience.

Glass Whisky Cups

Glass Champagne Cups

Champagne glass refers to Glass Wine Cups specially used when drinking champagne. It is a kind of goblet. There are three types of champagne cups: tulip flower shape, flute shape, and shallow saucer champagne glass. Research results show that the taste of champagne will be greatly reduced if you drink it from a vessel other than a glass. 

The slender body of the champagne glass allows enough room for the bubbles in the wine to rise. Glass champagne glasses can make the bubbles richer and more charming, allowing drinkers to fully appreciate the pleasure of the wine continuing to bubble in the glass. At the same time, it is a pleasant enjoyment to sip the wine slowly as it flows into your mouth.

Glass Champagne Cups

Glass Red Wine Cups

The tasting experience of red wine not only depends on the wine itself, but the right Glass Wine Cups also play a vital role. Glass Wine Cups make viewing and tasting of red wine easy. It helps judge the quality of red wine and tasting makes more style. Red wine glasses are usually made of thin, transparent glass. It allows you to observe the color and clarity of the wine. 

In addition, the glass material can keep the temperature of the red wine stable, allowing it to maintain the best taste and flavor. The glass is clear and transparent, and you can see the wine when you pour the red wine into the glass. Glass products will not change the flavor of the wine, and the wide mouth of the cup is conducive to the dispersion of the aroma of the wine.

Glass Wine Cups

Glass Beer Mug Cups

There has always been a lot of emphasis on matching wine and wine glasses. In beer culture, drinking utensils are a part that cannot be ignored, especially beer glasses. Choosing the right beer glass can bring out the best color, aroma, taste, and texture of your beer. Glass beer cups have become one of the common beer vessels due to their low cost, transparent appearance, and stable chemical properties.

The 200ml Custom Beer Cups are our cost-effective glass cups. They are made of healthy and safe glass. Under the light, the transparent glass wall brings out the beer. The pattern design of the cup is gorgeous and non-slip. With preferential prices and a large inventory, we support wholesale. At the same time, we provide customized color, size, and logo design services.

Glass Beer Mug Cups

Other Glass Wine Cups

We produce different Glass Wine Cups, suitable for many types of wine. In addition to the above wine glasses, we have others, such as mojito glasses, Spirits glasses, Liqueurs glasses, fruit wine glasses, etc. These wine glasses are not only suitable for daily use but are also suitable for special occasions such as banquets and celebrations.

The 390ml Best Highball Glasses feature a modern yet traditional design, that looks simple but elegant. What makes it unique is that curved bottom, which makes it look so cute. We use premium lead-free crystals to produce glass. Therefore the cups are strong and sturdy. But it’s light enough to bring comfort to your summer drinks!

Other Wine Glasses

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