200ml Custom Beer Cups

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SampleProvided Freely
MOQ500 pieces
PackingStandard Cartons
BenefitDiscount Price

The Custom Beer Cups are made of healthy and safe glass that will not cause harm to the body. The height of the bottle is 8.1cm, the mouth of the bottle is 7.9cm, and the bottom of the bottle is 5.5cm. Under the light, the transparent glass wall brings out the beautiful wine. The pattern design of the cup is gorgeous and non-slip. With preferential prices and a large inventory, we support wholesale. At the same time, we provide customized color, size, and logo design services.

Details of Custom Beer Cups

Personalized Wine Glass Sets
Wine Cups
Personalized Beer Cups
  • Lead-free glass, non-toxic and harmless
  • Various styles, both beautiful and practical
  • Smooth surface, easy to clean
  • Suitable for various drinks, such as water, juice, beer, wine, whiskey and cocktails, etc.
  • Price concessions, wholesale, and customization are available

Custom Beer Cups Wholesale

Custom Beer Cups

Yafu Glass Factory has decades of experience in making wine glasses. We continue to improve service quality and expand production scale. Our Custom Beer Cups are beautiful and practical, wholesale and customization are welcome. If you have needs, contact us in time.

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