Dried Flowers Double Insulated Glass Mugs Bring Fresh

With the continuous progress of technology, the glass industry has strengthened the quality of cups and increased the variety of glasses. Double Insulated Glass Mugs, as the name suggests, are divided into two layers when the glass is made, which can play a role in heat insulation and anti-scalding when used. The process of double glass is more complicated than that of single glass, but its advantages have also been optimized and upgraded. The raw material of the double-layer glass is high borosilicate, food-grade glass. Various flowers are between the interlayer of the cup, embellished to increase the flavor. They are also a new type of environmentally friendly cups, which people increasingly favor.

Double Insulated Glass Mugs

Glass Double Wall Cup Material

1) Safety Of Glass Material

The glass is the most consistent with health standards of all cups because its material is safe and reliable. The Double Insulated Glass Mugs do not contain organic chemicals. When people use the glass to drink water or other drinks, they do not need to worry about the chemical precipitation and will be drunk into the stomach. In addition, the glass surface is smooth, and easy to clean, bacteria and dirt do not easy to breed in the cup wall, so people drink water with a glass is the healthiest and safest. Whether high-temperature or low-temperature drinks, the glass will not produce harmful substances, to ensure human health.

2) Quality Of Glass Mugs

Glass has a transparent and delicate aesthetic feeling, which can not be compared with other materials. It is characterized by good chemical stability, durability, and the ability to withstand rapid temperature changes. In addition, this kind of glass has good heat and cold resistance. It can be safely refrigerated in the refrigerator, or heated in the microwave or electric oven. At the same time, glass cups are not expensive, and the price is very high.

Variety Of Dried Flower Double Cups

1)Advantages Of Dried Flower Double Layer Glass

The flowers are visually appealing, while the color and form of the dried flowers can be retained longer, and the dried flower cups bring a natural beauty to your interior spaces. Even if you are allergic to pollen, it allows you to touch flowers more safely. The Double Insulated Glass Mugs have gentle and intimate characteristics. So that everyone can enjoy the beauty of flowers up close. By drying your flowers, you can extend their life and avoid the cost of buying fresh flowers frequently. In addition, it also helps to reduce the use of flower resources.

2)Types Of Flowers

Double Insulated Glass Mugs as a home decoration, can beautify and decorate the interior space. Creative dried flower cups that can show your personality and aesthetic. There are various styles of flowers and plants to choose from when making dried flower glasses. Such as roses, carnations, and stars,  we often see their figure. Chamomile, cornflower, strawflower, iris, delphinium, geranium, peacock grass, blood herb, and other flowers can be a good choice.

Double Wall Insulated Glasses

3)Clear Mugs Double Wall

The Gypsophila are very light, small, and delicate flowers like the stars in the sky. It comes in many colors and looks great in combination with other colors. Our Clear Mugs Double Wall glasses are a perfect functionality and elegance. We vacuum it in the interlayer of the double-walled glass, freeze its beauty and freshness, and bring a romantic atmosphere to your leisure life.

4)Glass Double Layer Mug

If you prefer large、clear flowers, a Glass Double Layer Mug is a good choice. We can offer flowers of different varieties and colors. The petals stretch gently, beautiful like butterflies, and dot the side of the drink. Flowers add beauty to your drink, provide a natural atmosphere, and relax you.

Tea Double Wall Glass

Double Insulated Glass Mugs Feature

Double Insulated Glass Mugs can be easily cleaned and kept shiny as new, and no residue or odor is left behind. The thick wall of the cup gives you a feeling of texture when you hold it, which is very durable. The cup features a thickened bottom design for increased stability, safety, and durability. This double layer glass with a handle is easy to grasp, beautiful, and practical.

Christmas Double Wall Glass Mugs

The Double Insulated Glass Mugs have two layers of glass and a certain space in the middle. An air gap is formed between the inner and outer walls. Which can block the heat, prevent finger burns, and keep the drink warm for longer. A high-temperature process fires it, can withstand the instantaneous temperature difference of -20° to 150°,  has a strong ability to adapt to temperature changes, and is not easy to fracture.

The Double Insulated Glass Mugs have a smooth surface and a crystal clear appearance, creating the visual effect of the drink floating in mid-air, adding a touch of elegance to your drinking experience. The cup’s body is transparent and bright, and the double petals are visible, making the cup more lively and fond. The Double Layer Glass has built-in dried flowers to add aroma and appeal to your drink. The bright colors and unique dried flower shapes can be used both as a supplement to tea drinks and as a decoration to make your drinks more enjoyable and relaxing.

How To Maintain Double Layer Glass

When cleaning the Double Insulated Glass Mugs, use a soft cloth and warm water. Before and after use do a good job of cleaning, keeping the cup clean and tidy is also for our health.

When there is residual dirt in the glass, it should be soaked in warm water for some time. When the dirt has softened and then cleaned up. Do not use rough objects to scrape the glass body, especially do not use metal cleaning balls. Because these objects will leave scratches on the cup body, it will affect the permeability and aesthetics of the glass.

Double Insulated Glass Mugs should be handled gently when used. When adding boiling water to a cup, don’t overfill it. it prevents burns and is not conducive to drinking.

Dried flower glasses should be kept dry and away from light to ensure they remain beautiful and extend their life.

Double Wall Drinking Glasses Wholesale

In recent years, Double Insulated Glass Mugs, Double Walled Christmas Mugs, Insulated Double Glass Bear cups, and so on, the creative design of endless double glass has become more popular. The glass is an excellent healthy drinking cup, both beautiful and practical. Whether for their use in daily life, or parties, travel to carry the use is very suitable. Our state-of-the-art equipment and extensive experience provide you with trusted wholesale and custom services. Your inquiry is welcome.

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