Gift Glasses

The Gift Glasses is one of the excellent products with its price advantage. Our tumblers are safe and affordable and come in many varieties.

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For example, transparent Gift Glasses, drinking glasses, engraved whiskey glasses, handles, double-walled glasses, glasses with straws or lids, goblets, etc. At the same time, we provide wholesale and customized services. We have a large inventory of cups of different capacities, ensuring fast delivery. We will be happy if you are satisfied with the cup size, color, logo design, and other customization services.

Meticulous Customized Service

Custom Cocktail Cups


Our glass sizes generally range from 100ml to 500ml. Custom sizes are available in larger or smaller sizes and can be introduced to you in ounces or milliliters.

Green Glass Cup


We mainly produce transparent special-price glasses, they have a clearer and more transparent appearance and fully display the drink. We also offer glasses in lots of colors that can be customized for you.

Best Old Fashioned Glasses


We provide a variety of customized processes, including baked flowers, gilding, frosting, laser, and other technologies. Each part can be processed and customized with text, pictures, or other logo designs.

Why Choose Glass Material

Glass is recognized as the most suitable cup for healthy drinking among all cup materials. Whether you drink water, tea, milk, coffee, or use it to hold fruit drinks, etc., it is the best choice for a healthy, practical, durable, and good cup. The characteristics of glass are extremely high transparency, wear resistance, smooth surface, and easy cleaning.

Gift Glasses have strong adaptability to temperature changes and are resistant to cold and heat. Food-grade cups are fired at high temperatures and will not produce toxic chemicals. The glass is leak-proof, used conveniently, has no impurities, and will not absorb odors. At the same time, the glass cups are very cost-effective and affordable when ordered in bulk.

Gift Glasses

Transparent Gift Glasses

The 160ml Clear Cups Glass is a classic and simple drinking cup. Its glass body is transparent and can perfectly display the drink itself. Perfect for fresh drinks such as freshly squeezed juice or purified water.

The transparent Gift Glasses body has good light transmittance. The edge of the cup mouth is smooth. This kind of cup is very suitable for customization. You can add your favorite patterns and text to make it a unique glass.

Gift Glasses

Engraved Whiskey Glass

Our whiskey Gift Glasses come in many styles, each with engraved decoration. These beautiful vintage glasses are cut to exacting standards with no bubbles or imperfections. 

The 300ml Vintage Crystal Whiskey Glasses with diamond-like texture details and bright refraction, the clear glassware sparkles in the light! The thickened edges and bottom are designed to be thick and sturdy, not easily deformed or broken, and have a long service life. 

Old Fashioned Glasses

Glass With Handle

The biggest advantage of this glass is that it is easy to use, and the handle adds to its functionality. Not only is it anti-slip, but it can also prevent burns. This cup enjoys hot or cold drinks, and the ergonomic handle adds comfort.

Custom Clear Mugs

Double Wall Drinking Glasses

Double Wall Drinking Glasses are a style that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Flowers or designs in various shapes can be placed between its vacuum double walls. This tumbler is easy to use, insulates, and feels comfortable to the touch.

Double Wall Drinking Glasses

Glass With Straw Or Lid

Many cups can be supplied with glass straws and glass lids for you. At the same time, we also wholesale and customize different styles of straws and lids. This mug offers a lid to insulate and protect your drink. This cup provides a straw, making drinking more convenient and elegant. I hope these cute little accessories bring you a good mood.

Cheap Glass Cups

Glass Goblet

We make many different styles of affordable stemware that you can use to serve cocktails, wine, bourbon, champagne, and more. The Gift Glasses are classic in style, smooth, and shiny, bringing an elegant feel to your party.


Why Choose Yafu Glass Manufacturer

Yafu Glass Factory is located in Xuzhou, China, our factory has strong strength, large output, and good quality. Gift glasses are our very affordable series of cups. We have sufficient output and extensive production experience, and wholesale is welcome. If you are interested in customized service, we can provide it for you. Welcome to inquire, we will reply within 24 hours.

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