300ml Vintage Crystal Whiskey Glasses

The thin edges of The Vintage Crystal Whiskey Glasses indicate the superior quality of the crystal. These whiskey glasses are made of high-quality and reliable glass material with a beautiful appearance and exquisite craftsmanship. The thickened edges and bottom are designed to be thick and sturdy, not easily deformed or broken, and have a long service life. 

Vintage Crystal Whiskey Glasses
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Vintage Crystal Champagne Glasses

These beautiful vintage glasses are cut to exacting standards with no bubbles or imperfections, and you’ll be able to see the quality at a glance. Original high-quality crystal glass, diamond-like texture details, and bright refraction, the crystal clear glassware sparkles in the light! Factory glass features stunning craftsmanship and quality, is resistant to breakage, chipping, and scratching, and is easy to clean.

Features of Vintage Crystal Whiskey Glasses

  • The walls of these cups are decorated with delicate diamond shapes and scallops that would not look out of place in any luxurious setting. The delicate glass can hold larger ice or whiskey cubes for perfect aroma penetration, perfect for a glass of whiskey before bed. The Vintage Crystal Whiskey Glasses are designed to be compact and portable, with a suitable size that can be easily held in the hand when drinking, making it convenient and practical.
  • This stunning wine glass has a classic design that is unique and stylish. It’s not just a piece of glass, it’s a work of art. Use it to sip your favorite bourbon or scotch on the rocks while decorating your table and making drinking a pleasure.
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  • Vintage Crystal Whiskey Glasses hold approximately 10 ounces/300 ml, which is large enough to hold whiskey, cocktails, beer, wine, juices, and other your favorite beverages. The whiskey glass has an exquisite appearance, fine workmanship, good texture, comfortable grip, elegant and classic. Used as high-end glassware in the home, the crystal clear cups are perfect for lemonade, iced tea, margaritas, and more.
  • Our glasses are beautiful and sophisticated and will make great vessels for birthdays, weddings, celebrations, and parties. It is a decent and warm gift for family, lovers, friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues. Also the perfect gift for whiskey lovers, the glasses are carefully packaged in a unique and elegant gift box to show you care.
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Yafu Glassware As one of the largest glassware manufacturers in China, we produce and wholesale various styles of whiskey glasses. Our glass factory is located in Xuzhou, China, ensuring unparalleled quality and safety. We can customize different sizes of glasses for you. At the same time, we wholesale various styles of glass cups. Our thoughtfully designed Vintage Crystal Whiskey Glasses enhance the drinking experience and are the perfect premium glassware for the home. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us in time. Sincerely welcome your inquiries!

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