28cm Glass Vase With Gold Rim

Glass Vase With Gold Rim
ShapeNarrow Mouth
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MOQ100 pieces
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The height of The Glass Vase With Gold Rim is 28cm, the widest at the bottom is 13.5cm, and the narrowest at the top is 9.5cm. It is cut from high-quality glass and polished smooth throughout. The color is bright and comfortable to touch. The charming vase features an elegant and sophisticated design, making it the perfect contemporary art decoration for your kitchen, office, dining room, and living room.

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The Glass Vase With Gold Rim is available in various sizes including large, medium, and small. In addition to black, there is also simple transparent, bright red, fresh green, and so on. This vase is perfect for creating a stunning centerpiece. Whether decorating a dining room table, coffee table, or wedding reception, it adds a touch of sophistication and style to any occasion.

Features of Glass Vase With Gold Rim

Gold Rim Vase
Glass Vase With Gold Trim
Glass Vase Gold Trim
  • The glass vase is clear and translucent, sparkling in the light. The narrow-mouthed transparent bottle can better gather the flowers, making flower arrangements more convenient. The gold rim along the top edge adds elegance and luxury to the vase, and the stylish modern design adds an eye-catching accent to any space.
  • The glass Vase With Gold Rim vase is generously sized to accommodate a variety of small, delicate flowers. The unique shape makes the vase beautiful with or without flowers. It can be enjoyed as an empty vase or be filled with liquid, gemstones, or rose petals.
  • This vase is generously sized to accommodate a variety of small, delicate flowers. Its ample space allows for creative floral displays and artistic arrangements.
  • Vases are both beautiful and functional. Thick glass walls ensure it’s strong and durable. The thickened base makes it safer to place and makes flower arrangements more convenient.
  • It can be used as home decoration. It can also be exquisitely packaged and given as thoughtful gifts to family and friends.

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Vase With Gold Trim
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Create a sweet, simple tabletop design with Glass Vase Sale that brings color to your living space softly and subtly. Yafu Glass Factory can provide you with wholesale and customized services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply within 24 hours and provide the best possible solution.

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