18cm Multi Colored Glass Vases

Multi Colored Glass Vases
ColorBlue、Pink、Gradient Color
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MOQ100 pieces
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The Multi Colored Glass Vases are 18cm high and 8cm wide. They are beautiful home vases. It is made of high-quality stained glass with fine cut surfaces, a unique color, suitable as a table centerpiece and tabletop or counter decorative display.

Stylish Vase
Vase Flowers Decor
Modern Decorative Vases

Multi Colored Glass Vases come in various gradient color combinations. In addition to the classic combination of blue and pink, there are red and black, yellow and green, and solid colors such as black, red, blue, etc. The colorful combinations and solid-color vases can add color and art to any place, creating a peaceful, lively, and harmonious atmosphere.

Features of Multi Colored Glass Vases

Designer Flower Vase
Home Decor Flower Vase
Geometric Wedding Centerpieces
  • It has an elegant design. The gradient glass features a beautiful cut crystal pattern, and the bottle tapers to a small opening, perfect for flowers or other greenery. These cute and colorful vases will add a charming new dynamic to your home.
  • The cutting process of Multi Colored Glass Vases gives them a sense of lines and three-dimensionality. The geometric glass vase is thickened, sturdy, and textured. The colored transparent glass is radiant and sparkling under the light.
  • You can fill them with gorgeous fresh or artificial flowers, colorful stones, or gemstones to create a natural feel. Glass designs allow you to accentuate the vibrant colors of flowers, adding a touch of natural beauty to your home.
  • In addition to your home decoration, it can be a beautiful gift for family and friends on Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, an anniversary, a wedding, or a housewarming celebration.

Designer Flower Vase Wholesale

Home Decor Flower Vase
Vase Multicolor
Decorative Vases For Living Room

We offer Multi Colored Glass Vases in different sizes and colors. Yafu has advanced equipment and extensive production experience while focusing on service quality. We can provide you with wholesale services and accept your customization of products. Our glass vases not only decorate your space but also help you enhance the quality of your flower arrangements.

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