10cm Vintage Glass Flower Vase

Vintage Glass Flower Vase
ColorClear、Blue、 Green、 Brown
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10cm Vintage Glass Flower Vase is an art vase with a unique shape. The height of the glass bottle is 10cm, the mouth of the bottle is only 3cm, and the bottom is 6.3cm. It is made of high-quality thick glass, sturdy and durable. The shoulders are sloping and the colors vary. The translucent bottle is suitable for display as an empty vase or for taller flower arrangements, bouquets, branches, and green plants. Match various space design styles to add beauty and interest.

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The Vintage Glass Flower Vase comes in different sizes and colors. In addition to the classic transparent, there are also blue, brown, green, and so on. There are multiple sizes: 10*3*6.3cm, 11*3 *5.1cm, and 15*2.3*4.4cm. Due to the unique design of this glass vase, every size has its beauty. You can buy small colored glass vases individually or collect them in sets.

Features of Vintage Glass Flower Vase

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  •  Vintage Glass Flower Vase is clear and bright. Under the light, any color can sparkle. The colorful vase and artistic shapes have both retro style and modern fashion. The elegant bottle brings a charming visual element, use it to decorate the space to reflect your personality and taste.
  • They’re chic enough to be appreciated on their own. At the same time, it highlights the unique beauty of plants when paired with flowers. Cute little vases that can also be used as centerpieces, these glass vases are the perfect size to hold a small bouquet. Eye-catching in any environment.
  • From everyday use to special events. It’s the perfect addition to your home decor, office, centerpiece, table, or wedding. It must be very thoughtful to give as a gift to others.

Glass Vase Set Wholesale

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 Vintage Glass Flower Vase produced by Yafu Glass Factory ensures quality and safety. Over the years, we have continued to develop and improve quality. We produced and wholesale various styles of glass vases, and also accept customization. Our vases are safe and easy to use, welcome your inquiries.

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