Double Wall Glass Cups

Double Wall Glass Cup, as the name suggests, is a glass divided into two layers during production. The process of Double Wall Glass Cup is more complicated than that of single-layer glass, but its advantages have also been optimized and upgraded. The raw material of the double-layer glass is food-grade glass, which is safe and reliable.

The body of a Double Wall Glass Cup has two layers with a certain space in the middle. An air gap is formed between the inner and outer walls, which blocks the temperature prevents finger burns, and keeps the drink warm for longer. It is fired through a high-temperature process and can withstand instantaneous temperature differences of -20° to 150°. It has strong adaptability to temperature changes and is not prone to fragmentation.

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Best Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs
Dried Flowers Double Insulated Glass Mugs Bring Fresh

We have extensive experience in production and sufficient inventory, so we accept wholesale. We accept customization of size, color, logo design, and other services. At the same time, we manufacture different styles of double-layer glass cups, such as dried flower cups, cute animal-shaped cups, holiday specialty cups, modern design cups, etc.

Dried Flowers Double Glass Mugs

This kind of cup makes use of the gap between the double-layer glass. Different from other shapes of cups, it has a more fresh and lively style. Flowers are visually appealing, and while dried flowers retain their color and form longer, dried flower cups bring a natural beauty to your interior spaces.

The 350ml Clear Mugs Double Wall features a clear design and dried flower garnish, adding a unique shape and flavor to the drink. Each mug is beautifully unique and the dried flower decorations are made from real flowers. The flowers are preserved forever in clear borosilicate glass, giving the clear glass a vibrant look.

Double Wall Glass Cup

Cute Animal Cup

Due to the two-layer cup wall, the shape of the inner glass can be boldly designed. Two glass walls allow the design of the cup to match the drink. The liquid in the cup thus gets a unique and cute shape. It has different styles when having different colored drinks. This adorable style design brings a relaxing and joyful mood.

The inside of the 250ml Insulated Double Glass Bear Cup has a cute bear shape, making it attractive. The cute double-layer glass mug has a round-shaped body on the outside, which is smooth and comfortable to hold. The mouth of the bear double wall glass cup is smooth. It is wider than the bottom, making it easier to drink and have.

Double Insulated Bear Cups

Special Holiday Cup

Special days such as weddings, housewarmings, anniversaries, New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. are well worth celebrating. If there is a Double Wall Glass Cup that is beautiful and in line with the festive atmosphere, it will add happiness to life. With this idea in mind, we created some special glasses. Of course, they can be used on festival days but also as everyday drinking cups.

The 10oz Double Walled Christmas Mug is an inverted Christmas tree, there is a small star at the bottom. The coffee mugs will bring a festive touch to Christmas. Not only is it a delightful coffee serving container, but it also makes a charming Christmas decoration.

Double Wall Glass Cup

Modern Design Cup

Due to the particularity of its material, the Double Wall Glass Cup can be produced in a variety of shapes. The same goes for the design of glass double wall cups, there are many creative modern design cups. Our technology has matured and is always evolving, resulting in various designs. These cups have different characteristics, highlighting the development of the glass cup industry.

The 300ml Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug adopts a colorful vacuum ion plating process, and the color will never fall off. Once the drink is poured, the glass becomes dazzlingly colorful. The double glass cup creates a rainbow-like glow under the light. The brilliance from different angles is dazzling, bringing wonderful visual enjoyment.

Coffee Double Glass Cup

Why Choose Yafu

Yafu glass manufacturer has decades of experience in glass products and is constantly expanding its production scale. While increasing production, we focus on service quality. Our customization service includes various options such as size, color, and logo. They greatly enhance the appearance of Double Wall Glass Cup and increase their competitive advantage in the market.

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