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We have a variety of styles of glass vases wholesale, and vase decorations can add vitality and beauty to the home. Glass vases are suitable for a variety of different floral arrangements. For newly inserted flowers, glass vases will be more suitable. Glass vases have good permeability, making it easier to see changes in water quality. They are easy to clean and lightweight for portability and mobility. 

The glass vase has a modern flavor and is very suitable to be placed in the living room, office, restaurant, and wedding. They complement other decorative items and are used to decorate different scenes. Glass vases are a great decoration for any occasion, bringing beauty and ambiance to a space. Yafu Glass Manufacturing Factory provides services with exquisite craftsmanship and trustworthy quality. Glass Vases Wholesale a wide range of styles, ensuring unparalleled quality and safety. 

There are many kinds of glass vases, which can be classified according to their shapes and uses.

According to the shape classification, they can be divided into Round Glass Vases, Square Glass Vases, Long Neck Glass Vases, Short Bud Vases, Flat Glass Vases, Polygonal Glass Vases, and so on.

According to the class function of use, Glass Vases Wholesale can be divided into Glass Bottles for Flower Arrangement, Decorative Colored Glass Vases, Collectable Glass Vases, etc.

Modern Glass Vases for Decoration

Green Vases For Sale
Clear Glass Vases Bulk

The minimalist-style glass vase is pasted with simple stickers, and the mouth of the bottle is tied with a bow and ribbon, matched with green plants, bringing a fresh breath to the face.

The simple and round glass bottle with a beautiful bouquet can break the dullness of the overall space. The glass vase is simple in shape and has a good decorative effect.

The ribbed design of the geometric glass vase is combined with the colorful transparent glass, and it is matched with a bouquet. Subtle changes can bring infinite surprises.

We make many Modern Glass Vases for Decoration. Not only do these bottles serve as practical flower vases, but they also play a role in home décor. While enhancing the ambiance, the modern style reflects your taste.

Custom Glass Vases Wholesale

Glass Vases Wholesale
Tall Cylinder Vases For Centerpieces

Yafu Glass Factory provides wholesale and customized glass vase services. Our factory is located in Xuzhou and has decades of production experience. Our Glass Vases Wholesale is welcome to consult.

While continuously expanding the scale of production, we ensure the quality and safety of our products. You can wholesale our glasses with confidence.

Yafu Glass Factory accepts customization of the vase logo and color. Support your logo, logo, text, colors, and more. We are committed to serving our customers attentively and meeting your needs.

We provide post-processing services such as screen printing, decals, frosting, color spraying, and hot stamping for glass vases. We have techniques such as decal baking, electroplating, pickling, engraving, bottom bubbles, color registration, hand-painting, electroplating, and gold tracing. The variety of processes to meet your customization needs.

Color Glass Vases

Stylish Vase
Multi Coloured Glass Vases

The colored glass vases have changed the traditional perception of transparency and crystal clearness. The red containing tantalum, the blue containing cobalt, the green containing aluminum, and the purple containing manganese have continuously made great breakthroughs in the color glass vases. 

In addition, due to the continuous adjustment of the color formula, golden glass vases, purple-red glass vases, and milky white glass vases have also appeared one after another, and they are colorful, forming a dreamlike effect.

The colored transparent glass is radiant and sparkling under the light. Glass designs allow you to accentuate the vibrant colors of flowers. Colored glass vases decorate the home space, and will make the original monotonous space full of vitality and color.

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