26cm Blue Glass Flower Vase

Blue Glass Flower Vase
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The Blue Glass Flower Vase is stained glass. It features a sleek, modern design. The mouth of the vase is 13cm wide and the height of the vase is 26cm. The large vase can easily hold more flowers. It has handles on either side, like the ears of a bottle. The dark blue bottle brings an ocean-atmosphere and adds a pop of color to modern space decoration.

Crystal Vase Blue
Blue Vintage Glass Vase
Vintage Glass Flower Vase

This vase comes in different styles, with colors such as Blue, Purple, Yellow, Black, etc., and sizes such as 26*13cm, 21*12.5cm, 17.5*10cm, etc. We accept wholesale and customization of Blue Glass Flower Vase. Our customization services include color, size, logo design, etc. We are always ready to help you. Contact us if you have any questions or issues.

Features of Blue Glass Flower Vase

Blue Clear Glass Vase
Old Blue Glass Vase
Vase With 2 Handles
  • The glass vase is made of high-quality lead-free glass, the glass is thick and very strong, does not fade, and is non-toxic.
  • The vibrant blue makes it a charming centerpiece that easily enhances the beauty of any space.
  • The bottle body has smooth curves, and the pure and flawless transparent texture of the colored glass bottle shines in the sunlight.
  • Large diameter and large capacity can increase the options of flower arrangement. The thick base adds stability and the smooth bottle to the touch feels comfortable.
  • Use it as a glass centerpiece wedding or decorate it with flowers to create a romantic atmosphere. Or use at special events as a visually appealing home decoration.

Wholesale Clear Glass Vases

Blue Clear Vase
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Double Handle Vase

Display the art of flower arrangement in a Blue Glass Flower Vase as a unique and creative work. We provide wholesale and customization services for exquisite glass vases. Yafu Glass Factory has enough competitiveness to meet your requirements, welcome to consult. We will reply within 24 hours.

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