Glass Dinnerware Wholesale

Our glass dinnerware wholesale comes in a variety of styles, including glass lunch boxes, glass plates and bowls, glass pots, and more. Glass tableware is widely used on dining tables because of its high appearance. The advantages are clean and hygienic, healthy and safe, not easy to leave a peculiar smell, beautiful in appearance, and strong in practicability.

Glass Bowls

Our glass bowls are made of high-quality raw materials and undergo special processing. They are stable and contain no harmful substances, protecting your health and safety. It can be placed in refrigerators, microwave ovens, and other household appliances for your daily use.

We stock glass bowls in a variety of colors and shapes. Clear Glass Bowls, Glass Bowls with Lids, Small Cold Drink Bowls, Dessert Bowls, Salad Bowls, Glass Mixing Bowls, Glass Fruit Bowls, Crystal Glass Bowls and more. These glass bowls are available in large, medium, and small sizes and can be customized and wholesale.

These glass bowls are dishwasher safe and easy to clean and maintain, making cleaning a breeze. Glass is also non-porous, stain- and odor-resistant. They will stay looking brand new for a long time.

Clear Glass Salad Bowls

Glass Plates

Clearance Salad Plates

The glass plate is made of high-quality food-grade glass, which is non-toxic, impact-resistant, shatter-resistant, and can be used directly with food. They won’t warp, contaminate, or leach dangerous chemicals into food. No chemical coating, completely safe for you and your family. Our glass dishes are microwave, oven, refrigerator, or dishwasher safe, resistant to high and low temperatures, easy to clean, and last longer.

With careful design, we create high-quality glass plates that meet your needs. Clear plates, cake plates with dome, gold rim plates, glass dessert plates, glass salad plates, blue glass dishes, tempered glass dishes, amber glass plates, crystal glass plates, vintage glass plates, and other glass plates in various colors and styles. The plates are in large, medium, and small sizes. We accept customization and wholesale.

These plates are stable, resistant to wear and tear, and won’t absorb odors and stains. The appearance has various exquisite designs. They are both functional and beautiful. These glass dishes have multi-purpose use. Not only can it be used as daily tableware, but it can also be used as high-end furniture to decorate your dining table.

Glass Cooking Pots

Glass cooking pots are generally made of glass-ceramic material. It is a synthetic glass with dual properties of glass and ceramics. Glass cooking pots have higher brightness, stronger toughness than glass, no radiation, no water absorption, good compression resistance, good thermal stability, and high temperature resistance. This glass material is generally only used for heat-resistant glass pots and glass lids, and can withstand extreme temperature differences of 400 degrees.

Glass Lunch Boxes

Glass lunch box is usually made of high borosilicate glass, heat-resistant and transparent, and easy to use. The glass lunch box has superior airtightness and freshness preservation.

The high borosilicate heat-resistant glass material has a high safety factor and will not burst. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small, and the range of rapid temperature changes is large. It can withstand temperature changes of 120°C and above, and the heat resistance can reach up to 800°C.

High borosilicate glass dinnerware will never deform regardless of long-term heating or freezing. Glass tableware is highly corrosion-resistant, easier to clean, and food color and odor will not remain.

Glass Dinnerware Wholesale

Glass Dinnerware Wholesale Customization

Yafu Glass has a variety of styles of glass tableware wholesale, we have a minimum order quantity and offer preferential glass tableware wholesale prices. We can also customize glass products, according to drawings and samples, LOGO customization, packaging customization, and process customization (frosting, color spraying, electroplating, engraving, etc).

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