30cm Glass White Flower Plates

White Flower Plates
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The Glass White Flower Plates are made of high-quality glass material. Its surface is glossy and beautiful, which not only brings visual enjoyment but also has a very comfortable touch. It is extremely durable, waterproof, dustproof, and easy to clean. The non-slip round bottom allows it to stand stably on the table without scratching or damaging. The glass material insulates items from getting wet or otherwise damaged. Glass dishes do not contain toxic substances and do not absorb odors and dirt, ensuring health and safety.

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Glass White Flower Plates are available in different sizes. These plates can be used as gift sets or as a must-have at home. Contact us, to learn about the specifications of large, medium, and small.

Features of White Flower Plates

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  • The white flower design of this Glass Floral Salad Plate is creative, delicate, and cute. Its stylish appearance adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen or dining room. Beautiful and unique flower-shaped glass, decorated with shiny luster, very charming. It will become a romantic and eye-catching table centerpiece, adding creativity to your life.
  • The design of the large round mouth makes it easy to ventilate, air dry, and expand the capacity. Keep fruits or other foods on the plate fresh and easy to place or take. White Flower Plates is easy to clean, and convenient for stacking and storage, saving storage space.
  • White Flower Plates is a versatile piece of glass dinnerware. Plates are generally suitable for storing food, such as candies, fruits, cookies, snacks, vegetables, bread, pastries, etc. In addition to being a fruit plate, this white glass dish can also be used as a storage tray. It’s perfect for organizing jewelry, decorations, dried flowers, figurines, and more. This makes it an ideal home décor gift for any occasion, beautiful and useful.
  • White Flower Plates are durable and will maintain their original appearance for many years. Whether at a wedding, party, housewarming, birthday party, or any other event, it can help you a lot. In addition to daily use, you can give it as a perfect gift to your family, friends, or guests, which will be very thoughtful.

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Yafu Glass Factory is located in Xuzhou, China. We produce and sell various styles of glass tableware. All the time, our factories are introducing new production technologies. While continuing to develop, and improve quality and service. The White Flower Plates we produce are beautiful and practical, ensuring safety and health. Glass tableware is available in various styles and sizes,  at the same time, we accept wholesale and customization. If you have any needs, contact us. your consultation is important.

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