15cm Blue Glass Candy Dish

Blue Glass Candy Dish
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The Blue Glass Candy Dish is made of high-quality borosilicate glass material and contains no toxic substances that harm your health. The beautiful dessert plates are heat and cold-resistant. They are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. Modern plates are convenient and safe, and elegant tableware serves as an accent to your casual life.

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This plate can not only hold sweets but also be used as a glass fruit plate. The transparent glass material is suitable for any combination of blue or red. They become fashionable gradient color plates. We also offer pure transparent plates without other colors. They come in many sizes. Contact us for more information on product parameters.

Features of Blue Glass Candy Dish

  • The Blue Glass Candy Dish has a very distinctive appearance, made of blue and white. Gradient colors are very artistic on irregularly shaped plates. The elegant plate features elements of ocean waves, adding to the dreamy atmosphere. It fits the decor of any room or table and brings a relaxed mood to your life.
  • It has a smooth surface is comfortable to the touch, and can be easily stacked in cabinets to save space. It is lightweight and you can use it conveniently. With large capacity, you can place all kinds of suitable food or accessories
  • As a tableware, it’s big enough to hold desserts, popcorn, salads, pasta, cereal, fruits, vegetables, snacks, shakes, and more. It is also suitable for adding a unique decorative style to the dining table as a centerpiece to hold keys, nuts, candies, jewelry, etc.
  • Whether it is a casual afternoon tea, a friend’s party, a family gathering, or a dinner party, It is a thoughtful and practical glass tableware. It will surprise them if given as a gift to colleagues, friends, and family.
Blue Crystal Dish
Blue Crystal Candy Dish
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Yafu Glassware is a large glass manufacturer providing wholesale and customization services. Our glass factory in Xuzhou, China, continuously improves product quality and service attitude. We manufacture Blue Glass Candy Dish in different sizes. Our beautiful and practical glass dinner plates welcome your inquiry. If you have any questions or issues, contact us and we will respond quickly.

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