19cm Clear Ribbed Glass Vase

Clear Ribbed Glass Vase
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The Clear Ribbed Glass Vase is a modern design vase in 19*10cm size. It is made of high-quality glass, strong and durable. The unique ribbed design adds elegance and style to any space. The large opening design allows it to hold more bouquets. Ideal for long-stemmed flowers such as roses, lilies, and gladioli. Insert your favorite flowers or greenery to enjoy the beauty of nature in your home.

Reeded Glass Vase
Green Ribbed Vase
Pink Ribbed Vase

We not only have ribbed vases in pure transparent, green, black, and other solid colors. There are also gradient colors such as blue plus purple, yellow plus green, red plus black, etc. Vases in different sizes are also available. Elegant vases are perfect for various styles of home decor.

Features of Clear Ribbed Glass Vase

Clear Ribbed Vase
Clear Glass Ribbed Vase
Blue Ribbed Vase
  • It has a nice ribbed pattern with crisp and delicate embossing. The classic cylindrical wide opening on the top makes it easy to put bouquets in. The lower part changes from thin to wide, with a stable center of gravity, easy to pick up and place, and a unique shape. This clear vase decor has a retro elegant yet modern design.
  • Clear Ribbed Glass Vase is perfect for your living room, dining table, centerpiece, entryway, mantle, shelf, coffee table, fireplace, porch, bathroom, office, and dining room, bringing an elegant and romantic feel to your space. Placing a bouquet of fresh flowers in this beautiful vase will brighten your room and inject style and life into your home decor.
  • It’s perfect for parties, home decoration, weddings, birthdays, housewarming, and business events. You can use it for yourself or as an ideal gift for friends and family.

Clear Glass Vases Wholesale

Vintage Ribbed Glass Vase
Rippled Glass Vase
Modern Glass Vase

We produced the Clear Ribbed Glass Vase to suit every style and bring a modern aesthetic to your home decor. Yafu Glass Factory produces various styles of glass vases and can provide wholesale and customization. We ensure product quality and after-sales service. Your inquiries are welcome.

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