16.5cm Glass Vase With Handle

Glass Vase With Handle
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The Glass Vase With Handle is a decorative vase made of high-quality glass. It is 10cm wide at the bottom, and the bottle mouth with the two handles is 10cm wide. The pure bottle body highlights the texture, and the two handles increase practicality.

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This adorable decorative vase comes in large, medium, and small sizes. Each set comes in a different color, green, blue, black, purple, etc. At the same time, we can provide you with wholesale and customized services. Put it wherever you like, feel the beauty and romance of life anytime and anywhere. 

Features of Glass Vase With Handle

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  • The glass of the vase is thick, strong, and stable. The two handles make it very convenient to arrange and hold flowers. The green and transparent vase is fresh and elegant, providing a soft and lovely decoration for any space. The wide mouth of the vase can be used to place a variety of bouquets, and the thick and wide bottom can keep the vase stable and safe.
  • Glass Vase With Handle is lead-free and harmless to the body. Our carefully crafted vases have a unique style that brings the beauty of nature indoors. The transparent texture of the glass allows you to see the clear water in the bottle. Vases of various colors sparkle in the sunlight, providing different styles of experience for you.
  • This elegant glass vase is cute for flower arrangements and can be placed on a windowsill, tabletop, or wall for decoration. Glass Vase With Handle can be used for aquatic plants, artificial flowers, real flowers, dry branches, and empty vases can be used as home decoration.  It is in the kitchen, dining table, party, office, wedding banquet, restaurant, hotel lobby, and other places to enhance the atmosphere.

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Yafu Glass Factory produces and wholesales various styles of glass vases. Our products ensure health and practicality, and different vases have different charms. The Glass Vase With Handle can enhance the quality of flower arrangements and the style of the space. While we focus on product quality, we are improving service quality. If you have any questions,  contact us in time, and we will reply within 24 hours.

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