165ml Square Rocks Glasses

The Square Rocks Glasses are of high quality and have a solid base that is very durable. These whiskey glasses are made from high-quality clear lead-free glass, which is given to them by our factory for great transparency and brightness. Excellent transparency keeps the whiskey in optimal condition in the glass. The gorgeous liquid echoes the textured wine glass, giving you a comfortable experience.

Square Rocks Glasses
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Whiskey Glasses Square Bottom
Whiskey Square Glasse

These old-fashioned whiskey glasses are the epitome of elevated simplicity. A thick, square base adds modern style, while the glass rises to a smooth rounded lip for the perfect whisky glass. You can add ice or whiskey stones, it always stably and maintains whiskey in its best condition. These beautiful Square Rocks Glasses can also hold juice and other drinks, making them a must-have for parties or everyday homeware.

Square Scotch Glasses
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Sturdy Base Square Rocks Glasses Features

  • These wine glasses are both an old-fashioned chic design and the epitome of modern minimalism.
  • The thick, square base adds modern style, while the glass rises to a smooth, rounded rim to create the perfect wine glass.
  • These advantages will make it a good gift, whether it is for family or friends.
Square Crystal Whiskey Glasses
Square Whiskey Glasses
Square Crystal Whiskey

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