530ml Ribbed Coffee Glass

The Ribbed Coffee Glass is made from premium borosilicate glass. This glass is sturdy and safe for both cold and hot drinks. We provide you with elbow straws and lids, so you can freely use their various functions! The shape of the cup is designed with creative ripples, which are both beautiful and practical.

Ribbed Coffee Glass
Shapewavy shape
MOQ500 pieces
SampleProvided Freely
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Advantages of Ribbed Coffee Glass

Glass Ribbed Cups
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Retro Glass Coffee Cups
  • It is not easy to break when held in the hand and is stylish and beautiful when placed on the table. This vintage glass features a wave and striped shape. It’s pretty enough to add an elegant and stylish element to your party. Of course, it can also be a suitable vessel for your daily drinks.
  • Please feel free to use our glasses. It is dishwasher safe and also easy to hand wash. The mouth of the cup is designed for easy cleaning, and the smooth inner wall won’t absorb food or coloring.
  • Not only is this glass unique in shape, but it is also very versatile. It is suitable for a variety of drinks, including whiskey, beer, coffee, juice, cocktails, and more.
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Ribbed Glass Mugs

This Ribbed Coffee Glass comes in different capacities and shapes. It can be used as gift sets for friends and family, or in social settings. This exquisite water glass is a great gift for yourself, friends, and colleagues to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Ribbed Glass Coffee Mugs
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