Why Glass Cup With Handle Is Very Popular

The shape of the Glass Cup With Handle is cylindrical or similar to a cylindrical shape, with a semi-ring-shaped handle on one side. Among all cup types, mugs are one of the most popular. They are widely used. The Glass Cup With Handle is highly adaptable. They can hold coffee, milk, tea, and ice water without feeling out of place. In addition to being very convenient to use, its design styles are very different, creating a variety of glass mugs.

Glass Cup With Handle

Development Of Glass Cup With Handle

There are many theories about the origin of the mug. One of them is that it was a cylindrical cup in the Neolithic Age without a handle, and it was suspected to be a practical sacrificial tool for rituals. The other is: that in Greece about 4000-5000 years ago, pottery and decorated mugs with handles could not be proven to have any function.

Since modern times, mugs have been widely used in Western society. Looking back in history, we find that mugs’ popularity is related to the women’s movement. In the 1920s, many women worked outside the home, which led to the mug‘s popularity. After women entered the workplace, working women brought the mugs. They were accustomed to using it at home at the workplace. The mugs became a symbol of women entering the workplace. Another opportunity to make the mugs more popular was after World War II. Stable and durable mugs were needed, so steel mugs were quite common.

In recent years, with the development of the glass industry, more and more styles of glass mugs have appeared. Clear or tinted glass mugs have a fresh visual effect, are especially suitable for appreciating the colors and layers of drinks, and are easy to clean. Different glass mugs often enhance their artistic and collection value through customization, creative design, artist cooperation, etc.

Advantages Of Glass Cup With Handle

Tea Mug With Infuser And Lid

1) Cold And Heat Resistant

The biggest advantage of high boron glass is that it is not easily deformed when heated and can withstand sudden cooling and thermal shocks at temperatures ranging from minus 20 degrees to 150 degrees above zero. Pour boiling water directly into it or to be heated and it won’t explode. It can be put in a microwave oven and on an induction cooker or electric ceramic stove. The temperature of the refrigerator freezer is generally -18℃ to 0℃. It is no problem to place the glass directly in the freezer.

2) Safe And Practical

High boron glass contains no lead, Chemical properties are very stable and will not react chemically with drinks. Due to the special nature of the material, the glass wall can be made very light and thin, making it easy to use. In addition, high boron glass has high light transmittance and is clear, transparent, and sparkling. Therefore, glass mugs are safe, practical, beautiful, and unique.

3) Convenient And Affordable

The mug’s handle is ergonomically designed to prevent users’ hands from being burned or frostbitten. Even in some double-walled mugs, designers have made the mug into two layers, which is good for heat preservation and prevents hot hands, from killing two birds with one stone. The mug can be used on any occasion and is easy to carry around to enjoy drinks anytime and anywhere.  Glass compared with other materials, is environmentally friendly, economical, and practical.

Double Insulated Glass Mugs

4) Personalized Decoration

Glass mugs come in various designs, often featuring unique shapes, personalized handles, rich decorative patterns, or customization options. They have high artistic value and decorative properties. Show off your style and interests by choosing from different mug styles. Glass mugs come in various patterns, colors, and designs. It can be used as a decoration to add interest to life. Mugs with different capacities come in different sizes, so choose the one that is more suitable for your use.

Various Styles Of Glass Mugs

1) Unique Handle

The handle of the cup is very functional, making it easier to hold. At the same time, the handle can be creatively designed to add beauty. The 10oz Glass Mug with Pearl Handle is elegant. It has a creative and luxurious pearl handle, available in color and brown. The creative stripe design makes the glass more beautiful, and the big smooth, rounded handle is held comfortably.

2) Creatively Designed Glass Wall

Glass cups can be divided into single walls and double walls. Single-walled glasses come in more shapes: simple mugs with distinctive patterns, glasses with practical straws and lids, creative and unique-looking glass mugs, and more, such as the 15oz Glass Christmas Tree Mug. It features a Christmas tree design and a strong Christmas feel, making it the perfect Christmas gift. The appearance of the glass is crystal clear and full of artistic flavor.

Christmas Double Wall Glass Mugs

Double-walled tumblers are unique in that they retain heat and are more insulating than regular tumblers. The double-layer cup walls can be designed together to create a more stylish and textured appearance. For example, a 10oz Double Walled Christmas Mug. It can create a full atmosphere while adding drinks. The 300ml Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug has a cuter appearance. It gives the drink a different look and adds interest. The 320ml Glass Double Layer Mug is more vivid. The flowers in the vacuum layer of the cup create an illusion that the drink is floating in the air. Made from real flowers and permanently preserved in clear glass for a beautiful translucent

3) Classical And Modern-Style Glass Cup With Handle

Mug design styles vary according to era, from creative modern to elegant retro styles. The 500ml Cherry Blossom Tea Cup has a minimalist style. It has cherry blossom elements and is suitable for all seasons, but best suited for spring and good weather. The transparent cup is decorated with fresh cherry blossom patterns and simple text, allowing the charming beauty of cherry blossoms to bring you into a peaceful and lovely atmosphere.

400ml Retro Coffee Mugs is a very classic retro glass cup. This glass’s vintage embossed pattern will add an elegant touch to your tabletop. The raised glass texture also adds vintage charm to the cup. The wall of the cup is embellished with a beautiful design embossed with a sunflower pattern. It is simple but not simple, adding a sense of sophistication and elegance to life.

Unique Glass Cup With Handle

An exquisite mug is not only a drinking tool, but also a work of art in life. Its unique design makes you feel a different kind of beauty every time you use it. Cups accompany us in our daily lives. They are indispensable companions every morning and night. Mug records every detail of life. Use it to enjoy every drink and fill your life full of ritual.

Glass mugs inject a touch of romance and comfort into life. Whether it is hot coffee or iced drinks, they will become more delicious with its company. It’s high-quality materials and exquisite patterns bring warmth and comfort. Glass mugs are the perfect combination of quality and style. Whether for personal use or as a gift, it is an excellent choice.

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Double Insulated Glass Mugs

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