10oz Frosted Colored Candle Jars

We provide wholesale frosted colored candle jars in two sizes, D8*9cm, and D9*8cm. This frosted candle jar is made of thick glass and can be filled with up to 10oz candles. We come with bamboo lids for our empty glass jars, bamboo lids with rubber seals are perfect for retaining the fragrance of your scented candles.

Frosted Glass Candle Jar
ColorWhite, Pink, Amber, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange
LidBamboo Lid
SizeD8*9cm, D9*8cm
Logo or labelCustomizable
PackingStandard Cartons
MOQ500 pieces
Pink Frosted Candle Jar
Blue Frosted Glass Candle Jar With Lid
Amber Frosted Glass Candle Jar With Lid

We have frosted glass candle jars in a variety of colors, including blue frosted glass candle jars, white frosted candle jars, pink frosted candle jars, brown frosted glass jars, etc. Frosted colored candle jars with lids are stackable and perfect for candle making and storing a variety of foods, such as coffee, jam, dried flowers, herbs, spices, nuts, tea, and more.

Frosted Colored Candle Jars
Colored Candle Jars with Lids
Colored Candle Jars

Frosted Colored Candle Jars Features

  • Frosted colored candle jars are made of thickened glass, which is sturdy and reusable and won’t break, deform, or fade easily.
  • Glass candle jars feature a wide-mouth design for easy cleaning, are dishwasher safe, and can be stored in the refrigerator.
  • The candle glass jar adopts a frosted texture, which can make the candlelight more beautiful and soft, adding a warm and romantic atmosphere.
Colored Glass Candle Jars Wholesale
Frosted Glass Candle Jars with Wooden Lids
Empty Glass Candle Jars with Lids Bulk

Custom Glass Candle Jars With Lids

We can customize glass candle jars in various colors and provide lids of various materials for the candle jars, metal lids or bamboo lids. We provide the best quality service and lower prices for wholesale glass candle jars. Our wide-mouth glass jars are easy to fill with liquid candles, and they are heat-resistant and explosion-proof, making the candle-making process more convenient and worry-free.

These glass candle jars with lids are safer, healthier and reusable than plastic jars. The bamboo lid is lined with a silicone sealing ring to ensure good air tightness, prevent exposure to the air, and retain aroma and fragrance. Our empty glass candle jars are very well packed, and the tight packaging design makes them less likely to be damaged during transportation.

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