400ml Glass Plate With Gold Rim

Glass Plate With Gold Rim
Sizelarge, medium, small
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The Glass Plate With Gold Rim is made from premium lead-free glass. It’s impact and chip-resistant, making it suitable for everyday use. Sturdy and durable, it contains no harmful substances to the body and ensures safety in direct food contact. It does not absorb food odor and is easy to clean. It is heat and cold-resistant and can be used in microwaves, ovens, steamers, refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers. The unique appearance is attractive, beautiful, and fashionable.

Dinner Set With Gold Rim
Gold Rimmed Plate
Clear Glass Plates With Gold Trim

Glass Gold Rimmed Dinner Plates are available in a variety of sizes. There is a big difference between large, medium and small. Taibo manufacturers produce high-quality glass containers that can be customized in size. These plates can be used individually or as a set to decorate the table. Contact us for more specifications.

Features of Glass Plate With Gold Rim

Gold Rim Dinner Set
Clear Gold Trim Plates
Clear Plates With Gold Trim
  • The Glass Plate With  Gold Rim is beautiful. The transparent and patterned glass wall is decorated with golden edges, and its unique charm attracts attention. These plates look luxurious, high-end, style, and quality. The shape is beautiful, the lines are smooth, the capacity is large, and it is suitable for all kinds of meals, making people addicted to it.
  • They can be used as elegant tableware. These glass plates are perfect for serving salads, fruit, cakes, appetizers, or desserts. They can also be used as appetizer plates, Christmas dinner plates, pizza plates, and more.  These plates are perfect for everyday use, but can also be placed as home decorations to add interest to the table.
  • This glass dinnerware could be your perfect item for all occasions. Not only are they very convenient for everyday use, but they are also good for special days such as weddings, parties, afternoon teas, receptions, anniversaries, and more. And it’s also an elegant gift for those who like relaxed entertainment and casual afternoon tea. Maybe they can accompany you in your life and celebrate the good times.

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Dinner Set Gold Rim
Plate With Gold Rim
Dinner Plates With Gold Trim

Yafu Glassware As one of the largest glassware manufacturers in China, we produce and wholesale various styles of glass tableware. Our glass factory is in Xuzhou, China, ensuring unparalleled quality and safety. We can customize glass plates in different sizes for you. At the same time, we can customize various styles of glass tableware. Our carefully designed Glass Plate With Gold Rim is safe and practical. It is the perfect high-end glass tableware for your home. If you have any comments or suggestions, Contact us as soon as possible. Welcome your inquiries!

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