400ml 540ml Glass Cup with Bamboo Lid and Straw

The glass cup with bamboo lid and straw adopts a creative can cup shape. Glass cups and straws are made of high borosilicate glass. High borosilicate glass has high hardness and is resistant to temperature differences. The can shape glass cup with bamboo lid and straw is beautiful and can be used safely for a long time.

Glass Cup with Bamboo Lid and Straw
Capacity400ml, 540ml
LidBamboo Lid
SizeD6.5*12.5cm, D6.5*15.5cm
MOQ500 pieces
SampleProvided Freely
LOGOAcceptable Customer’s Logo
PackingStandard Cartons
Clear Glass Cup With Lid And Straw
Clear Glass Jar Cup With Lid And Straw
Wine Tumbler With Lid And Straw

Glass Cup with Bamboo Lid and Straw Features

  • The glass jar cup has round and plump lines, and is matched with a bamboo lid and straw, which is exquisite.
  • The glass mouth is smooth and round, and feels warm and comfortable to the touch.
  • The bottom of the glass cup adopts a thickened and flat design for stable placement.
  • The bamboo lid has a built-in silicone seal for a tight seal. The bamboo lid is designed with a hole suitable for placing glass straws.
  • High borosilicate glass cups and straws are heat-resistant and explosion-proof, transparent and unique, and can withstand the temperature difference of -20℃-150℃.
Borosilicate Glass Cup
Borosilicate Clear Glass Cup
Glass Drinking Cup With Lid And Straw

Custom Glass Cups with Straws

Yafu Glass offers a variety of designs for glass drinking cups and glass straws. We have different colors available including clear, amber, green, pink, and blue. They can be made in different shapes and may have handles.

Colored Glass Can Cup
Colored Glass Cups With Bamboo Lids

Yafu Glass factory is located in Hejian City, Hebei Province. It mainly processes and produces glass cups, glass coffee teapots, wine sets, kitchen glassware, etc. We provide wholesale glass cups, OEM and ODM, one-stop export and other services.

The classic clear glass cup with bamboo lid and straw has become a favorite. We can print labels on glasses, which can help customers increase brand awareness and market influence. We can also create eye-catching glass drinking glasses by adding frosting and etching.

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